(Welcome, and please note: A lot has changed in the 10 years (!) since I launched this site. It’s due for a big refresh, and I’m in the midst of doing just that. The refresh may take a few months, and when I’m actively working on it you’ll see a lovely Under Construction page here. In the meantime, feel free to browse through the older pages.)

Ancient insights, today’s questions. 

Why are we in such a rush? How did we get so distracted? Will we ever be able to just talk with people again, without the fights and flame wars? What would it take to make a healthy society? Is my life everything it could be?

Many, many people ask these questions nowadays. Few would look for answers in ancient spiritual practice.

And yet contemplative spirituality—the kind people have practiced for millennia—has a boatload to say about life in our century. That’s what we explore here. Come join us: check out the blog, read about my book on contemplative Christian wisdom and dialogue, or get in touch with me.



By “the book” I mean Why Can’t We Talk? Christian Wisdom on Dialogue as a Habit of the Heart, published by SkyLight Paths. If you prefer, you can read an excerpt first.

 Backman photo by Joan Heffler