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The Second Step Toward Dialogue Is a Doozy

People ask me what my book is about. I tell them it’s about how to change from the inside out so you can talk with people who drive you nuts. They say, “Boy, do I know someone who could use your book.” That response always makes me laugh. So I’m reluctant to admit there’s a […]

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What’s the State of YOUR Nation?

How are you feeling about the country you live in? Last week, in North America, we had two celebrations of nationhood in four days: Canada Day on July 1 and the U.S. Independence Day on July 4. That got me thinking about a custom followed by all U.S. presidents in one form or another: an […]

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Donald vs. Facts: Make America Great Again

What does it mean to make America great again? As much as anything else in Donald Trump’s campaign, his supporters seem to glom onto this one big idea, or parts thereof. So it’s worth looking at. And if you look at it hard enough, you realize each word raises questions, such as: America? Which vision […]

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How Do You Honor Those Who Served?

It’s a natural question to ask in the U.S. today, which we commemorate as Memorial Day. Many Americans have spent part of the day visiting cemeteries, attending ceremonies and parades, and saying thank you to the veterans who, thankfully, came back alive. I so deeply appreciate the sacrifice that people in the military make—particularly those […]

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Have Values Ruined Our Dialogue?

Tim Rutten of the Los Angeles Times makes a provocative point in his excellent analysis of today’s political dialogue. About halfway through, he suggests that a confusion between values-speak and politics-speak is making things worse. In Rutten’s words: Values do not admit compromise; politics, which is the prudent application of values in pursuit of the […]

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