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Where Convictions and Friendship Collide

You’re talking with an old friend over coffee. At one point in the conversation, she uses a word that sets off every alarm bell in your head. Clearly she believes something you don’t believe at all. What do you do? Bill and I have been discussing God for decades. He is a Calvinist, a deep […]

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Dialogue, Our Deepest Convictions, and a Knock on the Head

Lately I’ve been drawing lines in the sand. This is not like me. Being a dialogue guy, I tend to hear news reports and imagine the complexity of an issue, the not-unreasonableness of all sides, the way in which my view could be wrong. But suddenly, when yet another sexual assault charge goes south, I […]

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Letting Our Cherished Convictions Go–a la Thomas Merton

I had a great blog post planned for this week—until a quote from a friend got in the way. If you’ve read my book or other things from me, you probably know what I think about our most cherished convictions. We invest a lot of our lives in forming them. They guide us as we […]

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